Contingent Business Litigation Claims

Most businesses have a trusted law firm on retainer to handle regular business matters such as preparing and negotiating contracts, handling human resources matters, and even defending against claims by past employees or third parties. However, the law firms that do this work aren't necessarily the right choice to file a lawsuit on your behalf in business litigation when your business has suffered significant damages. 

That's where Jax Litigation Group can be of help.  We offer businesses and individuals representation in commercial disputes on a contingency-fee basis in a broad array of commercial and business litigation. We have experience handling lawsuits involving contracts, construction, employment, intellectual property, real estate, securities, and other complex business matters. If you are involved in a dispute that is heading towards litigation, we can help develop and implement an aggressive legal strategy to maximize your recovery, whether through negotiation, arbitration, or trial.

Even though not every case can be handled on a contingent fee basis, when we handle commercial litigation matters on a contingency-fee basis, it means you will not pay any legal fees unless we successfully obtain a recovery in your case. When we take your case on a contingent fee basis, there is no need to be concerned about of hourly rates or monthly billings -- our focus is on getting our clients the best result.

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Having a Plaintiff's Firm Makes a Difference

As a lawyer who has spend a career representing consumers and small business, we understand difficulties that are involved in starting a company and the frustration that occurs when problems arise. If your company has suffered damages because of another party, I can help. Here are a few of the reasons Jax Litigation Group may be a better match for your business litigation case:

Contingency Fees for Business Litigation

Most businesses are used to paying their attorneys by the hour, but that's not always the best option for a business pursuing litigation. At Jax Litigation Group, business plaintiffs have the option of paying fees the same way that individual clients do: on a contingency fee basis. That means if we take your case you don't pay the firm unless we recover money for you.

Alignment of Interests

In a standard bill-by-the-hour arrangement, the law firm gets paid regardless of the outcome of your case. With contingency fees, we have a common goal: the more I recover for you, the better we both do. And, if we don't successfully resolve your case, we don't get paid.

A Commitment to Pushing Your Case Forward

From a defendant's perspective, delay is often good. The longer the case takes to move through the court system, the more likely a plaintiff will get worn down and settle for less money. After more than a twenty five years representing consumers and businesses as as a plaintiff's lawyer, we understand the necessity of pushing your case toward trial as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When we represent the Plaintiff in a business litigation case - speed matters.  We work hard to move your case as quickly and efficiently as we can. 

If you have a business dispute and want to hire a lawyer on a contingent fee basis to pursue a recovery - call us today for a free consultation.