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Question 1: Can I even get a second opinion about my legal case?

Yes. While many individuals ask for a second opinion regarding a medical diagnosis, or a roof repair, most are hesitant to do so about their legal case.

If you have a lawyer and an ongoing case or claim, you can seek out a lawyer and ask for a second opinion.  You don't have to fire your current lawyer first.  And you don't have to sign on with the new lawyer. Also, your discussions with a lawyer about your current case or current lawyer are confidential.  Meaning, we can't and won't tell your current lawyer we spoke – unless you let us or hire us.

Usually, when a client switches lawyers (such as if you hire us) your prior lawyer may be entitled to some fees or costs from any subsequent recovery.  Each case is different and we would have to read the retainer agreement with the other lawyer.  

Question 2 : Is it wrong for me to ask for a second opinion when I already have a lawyer?

Getting a second legal opinion is good for the practice of law.  There are important public policies surrounding access to legal advice.  Every American is entitled to access to quality legal resources they can trust. There are few relationships of trust more important than the relationship between an attorney and his or her client.  Any erosion in that trust is unhealthy.  

Another important public policy consideration about lawyers and clients is that the client can freely enter into and exit contracts with their lawyer.  It has been said a client can always fire his lawyer.  Therefore, clients who retain the services of an attorney are always entitled to ask someone else for a second opinion.

Question 3: Why should I ask for a Second Opinion in my case?  I mean, I think my lawyer is doing a good job...

You should be alert to the red flags that could cause a client to seek a second opinion.

CONFUSION. Legal concepts can be confusing. Legal procedure can be very complex. Issues of proof and damages may be hard to explain. For example, a client may feel confused about a particular legal issue or why some fact or piece of evidence is or is not important.  He or she may not fully understand the possible outcome or requirements of a particular claim.  In our view, whenever a client is confused they should ask questions of their current lawyer or get a second legal opinion.

ALTERNATIVES.  Every case is different.  Every case is unique.  How one case is resolved may or may not be how your case should be resolved.  Where a client is presented with a choice – maybe the lawyer is telling you to settle for a low amount of money - you have every right to explore other options.  If you want to learn about alternative options to the recommendation by your current or primary attorney get a second legal opinion.  

Getting a second legal opinion often allows a client to make better decisions from a more informed standpoint.

Question 4 : What Are Their Benefits of Seeking a Second Opinion?

BETTER UNDERSTANDING.  We like to say an informed client is our best customer.  We strive to keep our clients informed and up to date.  If you feel unsure about the process or where your case is at a given moment - you should ask your lawyer to explain.  A client who seeks a second legal opinion from another attorney may more thoroughly understand an issue after he or she receives the second opinion. Sometimes having an issue explained from a different understanding of the case enhances the client's understanding of the issues.

An opinion which may be confirmed by another legal professional can provide the client with greater confidence in the decision.

On the other hand, a second legal opinion may result in the client wanting to go in another direction. If a law firm does not have sufficient resources or is too busy to give you the attention your case deserves - corners may be cut.  Sometimes, a firm may skimp on more expensive charges, such as hiring one or more expert witnesses.  However, a lawyer who offers a second legal opinion may explain why and when such decisions and expenses are worth the cost or will make a significant difference in the case.

AM I GETTING FULLY COMPENSATED ?  Getting a second legal opinion on a case often centers on the money damages which may be available. It's not uncommon for clients to have certain expectations about damages.  Lawyers who know the facts of the case and the law may have a different view of reasonable damages.  It is hard to know if a client's expectations are in line with the reality of their case.  Getting a second legal opinion can help answer these questions.

Question 5: When Should I Get a Second Legal Opinion?

While certainly clients have the right to seek another opinion at any time –  there may be certain situations or points in a lawsuit or claim in which their current lawyer may not be providing the highest level of representation to the client. It is always better that the client learn whether the path laid out by their current lawyer is the right one for them – before its too late to change direction.

MY LAWYER IS NOT CALLING ME BACK.  In today's busy world we are all pulled in may directions.  However, if you feel like your lawyer is not giving you the attention you deserve or have the impression that he or she is just too busy to return your calls, follow your instincts.  If your lawyer is too busy for you, call and get a second legal opinion.

If you feel rushed with your lawyer – or the answers you are getting are not taking into account the individual facts and details of your case this could be a reason to call and get a second legal opinion.

If you feel like your lawyer is ignoring you and not following through on what they said they would do – the lawyer may not be prioritizing the case.

If a lawyer does not have enough experience in the subject matter or has not conducted enough research to understand the legal issues fully he or she may not be able to provide full and competent legal representation.

WHY IS MY LAWSUIT NOT FILED? WHY IS MY LAWSUIT TAKING SO LONG?  Another warning sign is if the lawyer has not filed the complaint or has not yet answered or responded to important motions.  Filing deadlines are important – missing a deadline can damage a client's case.

THE LAWYER IS RUSHING ME TO DECIDE.  Another red flag is if the attorney is pushing the client to a decision because that is the fastest way out, such as accepting a quick or low settlement  – even if may not be in the best interests of the client.

Closing thoughts...

We know the selection of a lawyer is tough.  It is hard to know if you hired the right one for your case.  It is very common for a client – once they have hired their first lawyer – to stick with that lawyer even when the red flags go up.

Clients often feel stuck to that first lawyer. Losing a case or settling when you wish you didn't rarely can be fixed after the fact. Your choice of lawyer can impact a person's finances, job, family and future health and enjoyment. 

We believe that one of the most important questions every client should ask themselves about their lawyer is “Does he or she have what it takes to do the best for me?

If you are reading this page it is because you have doubts about your current lawyer – don't ignore your instincts, get a second legal opinion.

Better fee structure - less fee means more for you:

If you ask us for a second legal opinion and we take your case our fee structure will be 10% less than the fee structure you have with your current lawyer.

For example, the typical fee structure for a personal injury or wrongful death case in Florida contemplates a 40% recovery upto a certain amount after a complaint is filed.

If we take on your case, your fee will be 36% instead of 40%.  For example, in a case where the recovery is $100,000 that means $4,000 more recovery for you -- even if the result remains the same...