Richard Lantinberg is an experienced litigation attorney.  He has an extensive background in commercial litigation, bankruptcy, business law and personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Richard Lantinberg is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator and is available to mediate your pre-suit or litigation dispute.

Mediation is an effective way of settling disputes without the necessity of extensive litigation. Mediation allows the parties to work together with the assistance of a neutral third party to come to an amicable resolution of their dispute.  Arriving at a mediated agreement allows parties to have control over the outcome of their case, rather than placing the dispute in the hands of the court. When you leave resolution of your dispute to the court system-- you remove the opportunity to be a part of the solution.  While it is not typical for both parties in a disputed law matter to achieve their “best case scenario” in a mediated agreement, it is highly likely that an agreement will not result in either party's “worst case scenario.”

In short, mediation empowers the parties to have some control over the outcome of their case. Mediation is always far less expensive than litigating a case through trial.

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2 Party Case: $150.00 per party; per hour
3 Party Case: $125.00 per party; per hour
4+ Party Case: $100.00 per party; per hour
5+ Party Case: Flat Rate Available Upon Request

Pre/Post Consultation & Document Review: Hourly Mediation Rate
TRAVEL TIME & EXPENSE: $100.00 per party; per hour outside of Jacksonville

If you have questions regarding our rates and fees, please contact [email protected]