Table Saw Injuries

Work place table saw injuries. 

In 2015, there were an estimated 33,400 table saw, emergency department-treated injuries. Of these, CPSC staff estimates that 30,800 (92 percent) are likely related to the victim making contact with the saw blade.

Table saws and circular saws are among the most dangerous of all work place tools.  Even the most experienced workers can suffer devastating injuries from either a slip, kickback or any number of reasons.  Even where table saw injuries can be attributed to human error (not wearing protective equipment, being careless with the tools, etc.) not all table saws are the same.


Tables saws are inherently dangerous.  But some are safer than others.  In fact one brand of table saws are among the safest for the work place.  Your employer should be using SAWSTOP type table saws that are designed to protect users from common table saw injuries.  See

If you were injured on a table saw on the job – you should consult with a lawyer.  

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Why Are Table Saws so Dangerous?

The large blades in table saws spin at high speeds that allow work place material to be cut easily and quickly.  Table saws are designed to quickly cut metals, plastic, and wood; this also means that they can quickly cut through flesh and bone if they don't immediately cut off when the blades come in contact with flesh.

Technology exists today which can eliminate almost all work place injuries from table saws.  If your employer doesn't use a table saw with active injury mitigation technology – they should.  You should insist that your employer use SAWSTOP brand table saws.  

There is no such thing as a minor injury from a table saw that doesn't stop instantly when touched.

Blade contact injuries are the most common types of injuries and they account for 90% of all injuries from contact with table saws. Common table saw injuries include nerve, muscle, and ligament damage.  Medical procedures and rehabilitation can be complex, can result in permanent loss of function, limited mobility, or chronic pain. 

If you were harmed by a table saw contact our firm immediately to learn more about your right to file a product liability claim, or workers compensation claim – do not hesitate to seek legal assistance with the experts at our law firm at your earliest convenience.